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GDS Prestige, is today a name to reckon with. With core expertise in distribution and retailing, and a number of successes under its belt in developing brands across the GCC, the group is poised to become a major player in the beauty industry. The company arose out of the founder’s passion for achieving excellence in a field where innovation and modernity are the main drivers of success.


Our Portfolio Of Brands


Paradis des Sens

This is the place where nature brings meaning to life and provides a journey to paradise. Close your eyes. Take a breath. You have arrived to peace, to serenity, to heavenly bliss... to a paradise of the senses. Paradis des Sens is a fragrant manifestation of nature’s serenity, the natural longing for peace, and the expression of beauty. With ingredients from nature bringing familiar comfort, Paradis des Sens transforms your everyday world into a delightful paradise.


It is this moment where everything falls into place. One single drop once released starts its journey into the space. Headed toward a certain destination, uncertain of whatever comes next, and not knowing the aftermath. Holding the creation into its hands, an encounter will have place where the extraordinary will happen. When the moment comes, this drop will merge. A timeline will be created, the before and after, the with and the without, a story of creation of something new, of change, of remembrance. Scentologia and the art of remembrance where every drop will create a new story, a new you.


ETRO fragrances are a unique composition of woods, aromatic herbs, florals, musk, amber, sandalwood and patchouli; together these notes make up a harmonious olfactory melody that is truly original. These unisex fragrances for both men and women have been designed out of a passion for exotic and refined scents. Discover ETRO fragrances, a blend of tradition, research and innovation.
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Tradition meets modernity and wanderlust contrasts against the feeling of home. Wild yet soft, and always provocatively elegant, our sophisticated perfume compositions are all based on two fragrant notes that contrast and complement each other. Exciting and remarkably harmonious, the two notes play off each other as the perfume progresses, merging on the skin to create balanced perfection on a higher plane. Since 2014, Lengling’s goal as Munich’s first perfume manufacturer was not only to create elegant scents, but also a complete artwork that achieves uncompromising premium quality in every respect; a promise that applies to all of the materials used, and the processes they undergo. We are aware of our responsibilities, conscious of sustainability and ensure our formulations are vegan. The elegant bottles are filled by hand. The shiny, double-faced satin labels are applied individually by hand to each bottle. The premium silver cap – inspired by an original Isar pebble – is a personal homage to Munich, each one, individually polished by hand.
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In a word, ‘obvious’ sums up Obvious’ entire approach. This is what the brand is all about: an obvious name, obvious simplicity, obvious style, and perfumes that obviously say what they are without resorting to false complexity: Une Rose, Un Poivre, Une Vanille, etc. Obvious is an obvious expression of this real desire for olfactory elegance and a new concept of luxury that inspires many of us i.e. a luxury that reflects the very essence of what it offers, and which is made in accordance with French good manufacturing practices. We have chosen to use organic dilution alcohol, recyclable bottles made from recycled glass, cork caps with no plastic inserts, and boxes made from recycled paper and naturals dyes. Less is more… This is obvious!
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P frapin & cie

The quintessence of land and time. Of sensuality and emotion. Of French know-how and art de vivre... Since 1270, the artisanal, family-owned Frapin has been refining its methods of producing cognac, controlling each step of the process. It is extend to approach and underline that relationship between exceptional crafts, Frapin have decided to offer scents inspired by out cognacs, our history and our land. Our Scents, produced on small scale to preserve their outstanding quality, are offered in streamlined bottles topped with beach wood caps sculpted by a master craftsman, a reference to the fact that its is the woods of casks, as much as the grape, which imparts its flavour to cognac... In order to review the tradition that has always made the prestige and originality of French fragrance, we afford our perfumes the freedom to express their style fully , while drawing their inspiration from a novel source , our cognacs.
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Dusita's exclusive collections of perfume 'extraits' and 'eaux' is a tribute to the poetry of Montri Umavijani, the father of Dusita founder Pissara 'Ploi' Umavijani. Dr Montri (1941 - 2006), a craftsman of words, is considered one of Thailand’s leading modern poets. He travelled extensively and achieved international acclaim for his work. Both poetry and perfume stir the imagination with sensual and subliminal appeals. Parfums Dusita uses Montri’s poetry to help ‘illustrate’ the romance of the perfumes. Inspired by Montri’s lifetime quest to find the joy and peace of mind that the heavenly paradise ‘Dusita’ is said to afford the spirit, the perfumes evoke realms of earthly happiness.
Alfred Ritchy Fragrances

Alfred Ritchy

Alfred Ritchy Fragrances were born in 2020. More than forty years of being immersed in the business endowed the company's owners with the indispensable know-how to understand the market and respond to the evolving clients' needs. The distinct fragrances are manufactured using the finest ingredients on the French markets and are tailored for him and her. The brand crafted original scents that are all inspired from superior materials and oils. Alfred Ritchy's chemists and perfume creators, inspired by the story of the man behind the perfume, roam the world looking for essential oils, various plants and uncommon flowers in order to produce the most exceptional aromas and flavors.


It is the relation between the moon and its reflection shown in the desert through the oasis. This light that shows in the middle of nowhere. This sole spot where everything seems identical, and then all of a sudden, we have this beautiful and different spot. These mysterious feelings where everything is stuck between reality and imagination. This perfume embodies the story of the light that represented in the reflection of the moon.


BOHOBOCO • PERFUME is a collection of niche perfumes that seduce and intrigue with their depth. Unisex is their middle name, and the soul of fragrances are the internal transformation, experience and rebirth. They are perfect for both women and men. By creating a beautiful history of freedom and tolerance, they are a showcase of the soul of each of us.
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Ella K Parfums

ELLA K perfumes are wondrous voyages, opening the mind to the beauty and diversity the world has to offer. They represent the olfactory remembrance of certain unique and precious moments which the two founding fathers of the ELLA K experience encountered on their travels. Travelling with Sonia Constant and Olivier Gagliardi is to exercise one’s curiosity, one’s daring and one’s love of the unknown to be found in all types of unexpected encounter. It is to slake one’s thirst for spiritual enrichment, originality and that ethereal otherness. It is taking that step into the unknown where perhaps you can discover some uncharted part of the world and, who knows, maybe of oneself.


Born To Stand Out a Korean Brand that was founded in 2020, where fragrance transcends mere scents to become an expression of individuality and uniqueness. In a world filled with conformity, Born to Stand Out emerges as a beacon of self-expression, daring you to embrace your authenticity and celebrate your distinct essence. The perfumes are not just fragrances; they are olfactory canvases that paint the portrait of your personality, leaving an indelible mark wherever you go. Each bottle unleashes a story, a journey, a statement – an ode to the extraordinary within you. Join us in a symphony of scent and style, as we redefine the art of perfumery and empower you to boldly declare, "I was Born to Stand Out".

Mémoires D'amour

Mémoires D'amour is a niche and luxury perfume brand that embodies the timeless power of love and memories. Mémoires D'amour is about the power of scent to create unforgettable memories. It's a story of seduction, romance, and passion, inspired by the French tradition of luxury perfumery. Our fragrances are crafted with care and attention to detail, using the finest ingredients to create scents that are both sensual and sophisticated.
Stellar Scents

Stellar Scents

Stellar Scents is a creation of well-travelled perfume lovers, who wanted to capture the olfactive memories of their journey in a bottle of perfume. The brand has two collections; The Compass Collection which is the outcome of a journey which embarked to the different directions of the world, capturing those travel experiences, scents along the way and all the adventures that come with exploring new worlds. The references as you would imagine are South, North, East, and West. While The Elements Collection embraces the elements which are the essence and heart of the places visited in the compass collection. The collection expresses all the elements through scents. While Aqua is vivid and fresh, Earth is leathery and rich, Wind is refreshing and pure and finally Fire is bright and warm.
Laurent Mazzone

Laurent Mazzone

LM Parfums is a timeless tale. A quest for the new and the absolute, dedicated to refining the beautiful materials of The Robertet Group to produce only the best. Instead of searching for the easy and the new at all costs, Laurent Mazzone takes the time to innovate, venturing off the beaten path. Each fragrance tells a story, drawing on the designer's inspirations to reveal itself. Exploring molecules from across the scent spectrum, LM Parfums focuses on oriental notes, rich in colour, sketching opulent and sophisticated scents, charged with undeniable sensuality. A creativity that feeds on the world of fashion and music, driven by the richness of the formulas and the intensity of the concentrations. Perfumes dressed in luxurious cases, with the occasional hand-carved details. A contemporary story, experimental and addictive, that can be found even in the sumptuous candles of our collection.


Delroba is a French niche fragrance brand founded in 2022 that transforms dreams into scents. Combining elegance and sophistication, Delroba invites you to shift through the stages of life and personalities from one gem into another. Each scent, a gem in its own, mirrors your spiritual identity through your own life’s journey reflected through each gem and allowing you to surround yourself with the charm and elegance that only Delroba can provide. The world of gemstones is vast and Delroba derives its inspiration from many empires and civilizations throughout history. With a name that means “captivating and precious,” like the significance of gemstones throughout many civilizations.

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Beautique is a realm of extravagance where excesses are customary. It’s a world of aromatic luxuries where art and creativity merge to entertain with scents that are both uncommon and individual in nature. A true destination for perfume aficionados, here you will discover some of the world’s finest natural fragrances created by leading master perfumers, here you can indulge yourself in an unforgettable olfactory trip to the discovery of your signature scent — a scent that truly defines you!

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